Is Digital or Traditional Marketing Better for Your Business?

Digital or Traditional Media: Both are Viable Options!

Digital or Traditional Media? You may have heard frequent buzz about digital marketing. Companies, indeed, are shifting focus. Still, traditional marketing has a place. Take Amazon, for instance.

Amazon’s Approach

Whether you shop online or not, Amazon is familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve seen its Google search ads. Amazon has revolutionized retail. Specifically, it’s challenged brick-and-mortar businesses. The company relies on vast data. They use it to understand user behavior. Still, Amazon has used traditional marketing recently.

Super Bowl Example

For example, remember Super Bowl LII? If you’re a Patriots or Eagles fan, you saw Amazon’s TV ad. Even if you’re not a fan, you might be among the 46 million who watched it on YouTube. The ad showcased Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Like most Super Bowl ads, it aimed for humor and memorability. With an average Super Bowl viewership of 103 million, TV’s reach is undeniable.

Holiday Ads

Moreover, Amazon has used TV during the holidays for years. Their 2017 ad featured the song “Give a Little Bit.” Singing Amazon boxes starred as they were delivered to happy homes.

Billboards and More

Additionally, Amazon leverages billboards. For instance, they’ve used Times Square for promoting Amazon Prime. They’ve even showcased a 70-foot Amazon Echo there. Clearly, Amazon values traditional media too.

Truck Advertising

Similarly, Amazon uses its truck fleet as moving ads. These trucks promote Amazon Prime. As the fleet grows, so does this traditional advertising tactic.

Why Traditional?

So, why does a digital titan like Amazon use traditional media? Simple: Amazon knows its audience. They’re aware that online isn’t the only way to reach people. Hence, they employ a mix of methods.

Traditional or Digital Media

In conclusion, both digital and traditional marketing have merits. True, digital is growing. Yet, traditional shouldn’t be overlooked. Media consumption is becoming fragmented. This makes a blended approach crucial for campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Your marketing mix depends on your goals, KPIs, and target audience. If this confuses you, contact us and we’ll help you make an informed choice.

Once you understand your audience’s habits, crafting a targeted message is easier. Again, if you’re still puzzled? Please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you get started.

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