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Branding Marketing Advertising Services Using An Omni-channel Approach

At Surdell Partners, our mission is simple yet impactful: “Always Finding A Better Way” to improve performance through branding, marketing, advertising  services. We relentlessly pursue excellence, uncovering innovative solutions and opportunities for our clients to achieve exceptional results in a rapidly changing market. Our expertise in branding, marketing, and advertising, coupled with our deep understanding of consumer dynamics, enables us to create strategic roadmaps for success.                                 Partner with us, and let’s discover the better way forward together. 

Taking the 1st Step. Getting to Know Each Other

Let’s get acquainted. Good chemistry is essential to working together and starting with a conversation is a great way to find out if we do have good chemistry. If we like the feeling we get from each other than we can set up the followup meeting with topics for discussion.

2nd Step. Becoming Partners or Friends

Now we know a little about each other and this meeting is to understand more about how we approach situations together. What is your current situation and where do you see your opportunities?  We will share  experiences and how our process of finding a better way created successful outcomes for our clients. Then we determine are we a good fit for each other.? Let’s discuss the next step if the chemistry is good. In any case we have made some new friends if the fit isn’t right.

Step 3. Working Together

We meet to review the assignment. In our previous conversations you would know about our SIx- Steps to Success approach. In this meeting we want understand the assignment thoroughly. Ask and answer any questions to ensure that we understand the needs and wants for the assignment. Now we are ready to find a better way together! Welcome to Surdell & Partners. 


Six-Steps to Finding A Better Way

1. What is your current business Situation?

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2.What is your relationship with current customers?

3.Who are your competitors?

4. Where do you want the business to be?

5.The Plan to get you there?

6. Setting the Specific Goals and evaluation methods in place for measuring success!

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Our method

Finding A Better Way With Our Expertise In...

Brand Positioning
In a sea of brands, setting yours apart is an art. Our team of nimble artists and storytellers are experts at digging deep to forge an unforgettable visual identity and on-brand personality for your business, right down to your logo and email subject line.
Research and Strategic planning
Audiences today don’t just make a purchase — they experience your brand, good or bad, each time. The key to great research is asking the right questions, and we have the experience to do just that for our clients. The research we provide is the source of many business successes.
CRM and Loyalty Analytics
Get to know your customer’s personality traits and attitudes that drive what is really important to them in a brand. We understand the way CRM works and how to use the information for personalization and true relationship building. We can use the insights gained to build the lifetime value of your customers and also to build a strong loyalty program for your customers.
Design and Copywriting
Creating visuals and messaging that catch your audience’s eye and get them to act at every touchpoint means engaging them in new and unexpected ways, be it on a post-it-sized digital web display ad or an oversized in-store sign. We’ve got ideas that work for you.
Website and Mobile Development
It takes 0.05 seconds to make an impression online. Making the most of those milliseconds starts with an impactful, functional, and engaging web presence. From simple landing pages to complex database-driven solutions, we build full-featured sites that convert customers to your desired actions. Sites are pre-planned and evaluated to ensure performance is always being improved. Sites are built first for mobile and are fully responsive.
Media Buying and Planning
Be seen, heard, and noticed by your customers wherever they are. Using in-depth research and data, we can identify your audience’s media choices down to the network, daypart, and ZIP code to create a targeted media plan that ensures your message is received by the right people, in the right medium, at the right time — every time.